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August 16th: For those looking for the Greg's Electronics Software Pack, Lite Edition, it will be moved to the Info Centre soon.

By now, many may have heard or read the stories in the media about the owner of a London-based computer repair business facing computer-related criminal charges. I wish to firmly and unequivocally state that even though the accused business owner and I share the same last name, I do not, in any way share any kind of business practices or personal ethics that would lead anywhere near to criminal charges, especially of the sort that he is facing.

Even before it was a legal requirement, I was going to great efforts and expense to protect my customer's data, such as isolated backup servers with a scheduled data destruction plan, very robust firewalls, high-level encryption, and RCMP-grade data destruction on any data-containing components destined for recycling. While your computer is in my possession, I make every effort to make sure your data remains secure until it is returned to you where it belongs. The only time I have ever failed to return data to a customer was in cases where I have found considerable quantities of child pornography and that puts me under a moral and legal obligation to surrender it to the police.

I always have, presently do, and always will, treat each and every present and potential customer with respect and honesty. I promise to treat everyone and their property, including their computer data, with good ethics and honest morals. I am always open to answering questions about how I would, or have, handled anyone's property, equipment, or computer data, as I feel I have nothing to hide in this regard. I have continuously fought to earn the trust of my friends, my customers, and the community, and I would hope that questionable actions by someone else are not subconsciously applied to me simply because of the surname and similar line of work. I firmly believe that any "get rich quick schemes" that involve dishonesty, unethical actions, or betraying my own conscience are not at all worth the high cost of a damaged reputation and not being able to sleep at night.

I also wish to take this opportunity to thank all my past and present customers for their patronage and their trust in me. I do not take it lightly. There is a long road of damage control and recovery ahead for Greg's Electronics, due to the 'fallout' from the rumour mill and the criminal charges against this other party. I sincerely hope for your continued trust and patronage.


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